It is important to make sure the helmet you are wearing is as safe as possible – wearing a fake helmet is dangerous. Fake helmets offer very little protection due to their cheap materials and lack of testing. It is also illegal to wear a fake helmet on UK roads because they don’t pass ECE 22.05 testing.

The easiest way to ensure any Arai is genuine is by purchasing through a UK dealer. However, there are plenty of signs to look for.

Missing information

Is the E-Mark present?

ACU Sticker (UK Only) present?

Is the date present on the chin strap?

Incorrect hardware

Does the helmet have an Arai visor mechanism such as VAS or SAI?

Does the helmet have a Double D Ring?

Does the helmet have the signature R75 shape?

Incorrect/poor quality graphics

Is the paint finish poor quality or are any stickers poorly applied?

Do replica graphics align with the brand?

Price too good to be true

A lot of fake helmets sell for under £100 – is the price a long way below what other dealers offer?

Untraceable Dealer

Can you trace the retailer – for example checking the registered address?

Missing packaging or documentation

Does the helmet come in an Arai box?

Are any accessories or instructions in the box?

You can always contact us to verify a helmets authenticity, either through the support portal or via social media.