We realise trying to find a visor that fits your helmet can be confusing!

Here we break it down for you

VAS Visor - Fits the RX-7V, Chaser X, QV-Pro. All of which carry the new VAS system

SAI Visor - Fits the RX-7 GP, Quantum ST, Quantum ST Pro, Chaser V, Axces II & Axces III, Rebel

SAL Visor - Fits the Astro J/R, Chaser, Condor, Corsair, Quantum E/F NR-5, Rapide 2/3, Route-GT, RV, RX-7 XX, RX7 RRIV, Viper GT, Axces

SAM Visor - Fits the CT-F & CT Ram

SAMZ Visor - Fits the X-Tend & X-Tend Ram

SZR Visor - Fits the SZ-F, SZ Alpha, SZ Beta, SZ, SZM, SZ Ram II, SZ Ram 4, SZ Urban

TX Visor - Fits the Tour-X1, 2 and 3

TX BV Visor - Fits the Tour-X4

Getting technicial, AF? Max Vision? what does it all mean?

Standard Pinlock Ready Visor - The visor will come with 2 pinlock pins, enabling a pinlock lens to be fitted, available in SAI, SAL, SAM, TX and TX BV 

Maxvision Visor - This visor has a wider aperture, and has a recess on the inside where the pinlock lens sits, instead of 2 pinlock pins; available in VAS and SAI

Race Visor - What it says on the tin! Race visor with tear offs. Available  in VAS, SAI and SAL

Standard Visor - Plain and simple visor, no pinlock. Available for all helmets!

AF - Anti Fog

AS - Anti Scratch

And finally, cracking the colour codes:

CLR        Clear

01A        Light Tint

01B        Dark Tint

02           Blue

03           Gold 

04           Silver   

06           Green

07           Yellow

08           Purple

09           Orange

10           Rainbow

11           Red


Not all colours are available for each visor or helmet model, best to check with your local stockist to be sure!